Covid-19 Tips
Covid-19 Tips
Dr. Tom at Fast Braces® Fresno

I’d like to give you a COVID 19 tip to help you keep from getting the infection.  You know the COVID virus doesn’t like heat, it likes cool areas and our nose is the perfect temperature for the COVID 19 virus to breed.  So, I’m going to show you a way to kill the COVID virus.

I’m going to take one of these Trader Joe’s shopping bags and I am going to trim it a little bit like this (see video above for visual).  Then what we’re going to do is, your going pretend that you have a tea kettle in front of you.  So, what we do is take this thing (the bag) and we make ourselves a little hood.  We lean over the tea kettle, on low steam so it doesn’t burn your nose.  I burned my nose the other day and it doesn’t feel good for a couple days.  So, what you do is you put it over your head like this and you breathe the steam in, because it comes inside the bag/hood.

What it does is it will kill the virus in your nose and heats your sinuses up so when you get done it’ll clear your sinuses up and then you do it for five minutes, twice a day. Five minutes in the morning, and five minutes in the evening, and the virus will never have a chance to grow in your nose that way.

If we have to go outside and go into town or something, what you do is you come home, you steam your nose and you take a shower.  When you get back from being out in town, TAKE A SHOWER, because you’re contaminated.  You don’t know who contaminated you, but somebody did when you were out in town. Okay, so that’s a good tip. Steamy nose twice a day for five minutes.

Click here for the video on this method.


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